30 Steps to buy a home

1. Find a Realtor

2. Get Pre-approved for a mortgage and determine your target price range. 

3. Determine your criteria for your home and have your agent set up an auto-search and provide any other resources/apps. (Buyer Checklist)

4. If you are renting, check your lease terms.

   a. How much notice is required to terminate the lease?

   b. What is the proper way to provide said notice?

   c. Can you go month-to-month and how much will that cost?

5. Set aside time for showings.

6. Review a sample contract for purchase.

7. Choose a Real Estate Attorney for closing.

8. Review home warranties and decide if you want one.

9. Choose a home inspector. 

10. Make an offer.

11. Drop off Earnest Money Check

12. Schedule the home inspection

13. Arrange for homeowner’s insurance.

14. Give notice to terminate your lease to the landlord.

15. Attend the home inspection

16. Review inspection report.

17. Negotiate repairs.

18. Review any HOA documents

19. Appraisal

20. Hire movers and start packing.

21. Arrange utility transfers for the day before closing.

22. Don’t spend extra money

23. Schedule closing

24. What does clear to close mean?

25. Attend a walk through

26.  Call the title company for wiring instructions.

27. Wire closing funds.

28.  Attend closing.

29. Secure your home.

30.  Wrap up & review.